Proxy Variable

Parameter Server Proxy Variable.

This Proxy variable is a cached replica of the PS-stored variable on each worker, allowing for faster reads (no need to make a network call).

class ProxyVariable(resource_var, graph_item, proxy_device)[source]

Bases: object

Proxy variable implementation.

get_all_update_ops(grad_apply_finished, worker_device=None)[source]

Create and return new update ops for proxy vars.

  • grad_apply_finished (List[Operation]) – ops with which to colocate the new ops.

  • worker_device (DeviceSpecV2) – the device on which to create the ops.


the list of update ops for each proxy variable.

Return type



Update operations colocated with master variables to be colocated with proxy variables.


get_colocation_op (Callable) – fn that gets the current colocation ops